Desheng International

Person in charge:Chris


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Desheng  was established with the purpose of offering protein supplements of high quality to a reasonable price. The goal was to establish Desheng as a given choice of supplement.

Our goal is to always be able to match the market price of any raw material or dietary supplement, our customers can always be satisfied that they have bought a high quality product to a very good market price. By continuously searching for the best prices from different suppliers and buying in very large quantities we are able to provide our customers with a low price as well. This allows our retailers to have a competitive market price and to have a good sales margin.

100% pure and tested raw materials is essential to our work. We always make sure that the products we sell meet the highest demands for purity and safety. We have great experience in finding raw materials of top quality and in discarding raw materials that does not meet our standard. All our products are manufactured in facilities implementing good manufacture praxis

For us service means that the customer must be satisfied with every aspect of the deal. Price, quality and fast delivery is often very important factors to our customers. We also have a customer service that deals with inquires and questions about our products.

Company Information

Desheng is a fast growing company with a wide variety of innovative performance enhancing supplements.

Our young and ambitious team continues to please our customers by supplying great products to a reasonable price.

To keep our customers pleased we:
Scan the market for the best raw materials to the lowest price.
Keep the most popular raw materials in stock for fast delivery to the customers
Search for the latest findings in the research of dietary supplements and the latest market trends to always stay one step ahead in the fast changing dynamic market.This often allows us to be the first to release new future bestsellers.